Hey guys! What's going on?

In this short video, I will show you a quick and easy way to reset the password of your Mac and get back into your account (in case you forgot it). This method will not erase any files on the account either so don't worry! ;)

You can watch the video down below or follow the text instructions!

Step 1: Mac OS X Utilities

Alright, the first thing we have to do is open the OS X Utilities.


December 12, 2014


Hey guys!

Today I'm showing you a sweet tool I often use at work: Offline Windows Passwords & Registry Editor. Unlike Ophcrack this software does not bruteforce for possible passwords, instead it modifies it directly thru the registry - thus making it more reliable. If you're looking to simply sneak in the computer, however, I would still recommend using KonBoot since it doesn't modify anything. On the other hand, this editor I'm going to show you allows giving administrator privileges to any user, adding a user to a group, along with more options. Let's take a look...

Password & Registry Editor

Forgot your password? No problem! This software runs a lightweight Linux operating system which loads the registry and leverages it's values to modify passwords, permissions, groups, etc. On top of that, the download size is less than 20mb and provides option to use it by either burning a CD/DVD or a USB.


October 07, 2014


Hello guys!

Today I've wrote a simple Python script to add a file to start-up for Windows OS (supports XP/Vista/7/8). It includes the same Persistence module we've seen a while back in the Python shell series. Now it can be used with any other executable or file, such as other reverse shells, keyloggers, etc. Let's check it out...

Script Modes of Operation

1] Add a file to be executed at start-up directly to registry. This mode is easy enough. Simply input your file's exact location to add the file to the registry at start-up. Note that no effort will be made to hide your file using this mode.

2] Add a vbs script to be executed at start-up to registry. This mode has some interesting features: hides itself & the file, re-downloads file upon deletion and automatically relaunches your file. It creates a vbs script and instead launches that at start-up, which gives us a layer of protection and more resources to take advantage of.


October 01, 2014