Programming a Custom Backdoor in Python

Howdy! Introduction Today we are going to program a simple custom backdoor — a few lines of code — that totally avoids detection by every a/v out there. We’re gonna be writing this code in the Python programming language. If you don’t have the environment set up, never worry. I have another brief video/post showing […]

How to Install & Config Python Environment

Hey guys! Today a quick preliminary post about the Python programming language and how to install and configure the environment. After a few polls and many requests, I realized how much people like the remote hacking series and the undetectable backdoor videos. I decided to put in some work towards it… and came to the […]

Automated Keylogger (Python)

Hello guys! Today we will take a look at an automated standalone keylogger written in Python. The keylogger has many of the cool features shown a while back in the “Python Keylogger” post, with some new stuff added in for good measure. The keylogger is rather simple and can be run from command line. For […]

Technic Dynamic

Welcome Back!

Hello guys!   Its been a while since my last post and I must say I have dearly missed all you guys and the blog as well.   I will get straight to the point: The blog will now be up again and I will slowly (re)upload the old posts and downloads – and also […]