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Hey guys!

Today I am making a video on a password recovery Python script I wrote a while ago…

This is a very useful tool that allows you to recover all your passwords from some browsers, also a fingerprint of the operating system – along with network passwords and settings. It runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

The main idea for this script came from running the same programs to gather information and passwords over and over.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there a script was that would just run everything and write a report?

Information Gathering

The initial phase of the script runs some basic information gathering on the system.

We’ll save things like OS name, version, along with other specific system information.

Password Recovery

The main phase will focus on recovering passwords and additional info from the system.

For Linux and Mac OS X, the script uses the system’s native functions and methods to go through user directories looking for passwords and useful information from network settings, browsers (we’ll import the history too) and more.

As for Windows, since there are so many tools for password recovery (such as the collections from NirSoft and SecurityXploded) I figured it made more sense to automate the script to use these rather than reinvent the wheel.

Which brings us to the next section…


Since we are using the password recovery tools from NirSoft we will need to download these and place it inside the ‘windows’ directory included in download zip file below.

* When downloading these from the website, make sure to get the tools that have command-line options.

** Also make sure to download the WirelessKeyView as well and place it in the ‘windows’ folder.

Video + Download

[ Download ] Click here to download loot

2 thoughts on “Password Recovery – Python Script”

    1. Thanks for checking it out! Any suggestions of more password recovery methods?

      I am planning on adding common FTP, SSH programs and maybe mimikats as well… 😛

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