Python Backdoor – Multiple Clients

What’s good? This time we’re building up on our code to support multiple clients, allowing our server to choose at any given time a client to interact with. No doubt this was the next logical step in the series, with still a few heavy hitters out there — persistence, logging, etc. Let’s get busy on […]

Python Backdoor – Privilege Escalation

Howdy! Today we’re gonna be using a classic method to escalate privileges on a fully patched Windows box. Of course, we’ll be using no other than the Python server & shell for the whole process. The reason for demonstrating this sole method is simple: privilege escalation methods/exploits vary from time to time and although some […]

Python Backdoor – File Transfer

Hey guys! What’s going on? Once again for this tutorial we will be picking up right where we left off… last time we got the encryption going on, so that all traffic between server/client is encrypted. Now that’s pretty good, but it’s time we start to enhance functionality of this shell and add new features […]

Python Backdoor – AES Encrypted Traffic

What’s up! Today, we’re gonna be picking up where we left off last time in “Programming a Custom Backdoor in Python“, so I hope you have read that before reading this or you will be pretty lost. LOL In a nutshell, we programmed a ~10 line of code reverse shell using Python’s socket and subprocess […]

Programming a Custom Backdoor in Python

Howdy! Introduction Today we are going to program a simple custom backdoor — a few lines of code — that totally avoids detection by every a/v out there. We’re gonna be writing this code in the Python programming language. If you don’t have the environment set up, never worry. I have another brief video/post showing […]

How to Install & Config Python Environment

Hey guys! Today a quick preliminary post about the Python programming language and how to install and configure the environment. After a few polls and many requests, I realized how much people like the remote hacking series and the undetectable backdoor videos. I decided to put in some work towards it… and came to the […]

Automated Keylogger (Python)

Hello guys! Today we will take a look at an automated standalone keylogger written in Python. The keylogger has many of the cool features shown a while back in the “Python Keylogger” post, with some new stuff added in for good measure. The keylogger is rather simple and can be run from command line. For […]

Technic Dynamic

Welcome Back!

Hello guys!   Its been a while since my last post and I must say I have dearly missed all you guys and the blog as well.   I will get straight to the point: The blog will now be up again and I will slowly (re)upload the old posts and downloads – and also […]